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image inks, a division of image group, was established in 1982 to supply printing inks to the plastic cup and pail market in Canada. We have grown to become the leading single source supplier to this industry in North and South America.

Interaction with our customers permitted us to become involved with many other aspects of the printing industry, and has allowed us to expand into a wide range of  products and services including:

  • UV curable printing inks & coatings

  • Flexographic inks for packing tapes

  • Printing blankets (roll / cut / laminated)

  • Adhesive plate mount tapes & backings

  • UV lamps

  • Wash up solutions and solvents

In June of 1993 we opened a production facility in Evansville, Indiana to service the USA container printing market. In two years our share in this market more than quadrupled in size. This facility was sold in 1997 allowing us to expand our international business.

In January of 1989, image printing  products international (i.p.p.i.)  was established to expand on our products in world markets. In 1997 we introduced a solvent based flexographic ink especially developed for packing tapes.

We have made it our policy to supply quality products with the shortest possible lead times. Orders leave our plant in 1 to 2 days, and we are able to fill rush orders in most situations. All applicable shipments include a Certificate of Analysis to assure you of our commitment to consistency in all our products.

If we service you better, your customer is better served.

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