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UV Curing Lamps

The UV Curing Lamps supplied by Image Inks are medium pressure mercury-arc lamps producing high intensity ultraviolet light. These lamps are well proven and widely used for the curing of inks and coatings.

They are designed and manufactured as direct replacement lamps to meet the specific needs of original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Click on the lamp to go to our special lamp form
click on the lamp to go to our special lamp form

UV Curing lamps are manufactured from high-clarity, vitreous silica, normally referred to as quartz. Though expensive, quartz has the property of high transparency to Ultraviolet light, particularly at the short wave end of the spectrum where over 90% of the UV energy generated is transmitted through the quartz. The electrode components are also manufactured from the highest quality materials ensuring long and reliable lamp life.

Picture of UV Curing Lamps

UV Lamp Life

Medium pressure mercury arc lamps do not normally fail suddenly and there can be confusion in defining lamp life. Electrically, the lamp may operate for many thousands of hours though, at an earlier stage it will have ceased to emit adequate UV light. Electrical lamp life is therefore irrelevant.

UV output from the lamp declines gradually, as the UV transparency of the quartz body deteriorates. The quartz changes from optically clear to opaque, thus filtering out all useful UV. The rate of decline depends on a number of factors; the switching frequency of the lamp, lamp and electrode cooling efficiency, accurately matched power control, and the cleanliness of the lamp surface.

Lamp life must therefore be measured in hours of useful UV output and Image Group supplied UV lamps are guaranteed to produce a high level of curing efficiency for at least 1000 hours with correct handling.

Lamp Types

Image Inks UV Curing Lamps are manufactured in lengths from 6cm to more than 300cm and at power outputs up to 500 watts per cm.

Ozone Free lamps are available as well. These lamps are manufactured in a way that reduces the amount of ozone produced by the lamp, although lamp life is reduced. In most cases, outside venting is not required when ozone free lamps are used.

Technical Specifications


High clarity vitreous silica (Quartz).


Tungsten rod, overwound with thorium coated, thoriated tungsten wire, fused to molybdenum foil.

End Cap:

Manufactured from either stainless steel, chrome-plated brass, or ceramic, dependent on lamp design.

Lengths Available:

From 6cm to over 300cm.

Power Available:

Up to 500 Watts per cm (1270 Watts per Inch).

Image Inks supply a large range of equivalent lamps to such makes as Fusion, Hanovia, Heraeus, Mazda, Metal Box, Philips, Sylvania, Terno, Toshiba, Ushio, Voltarc etc. However, it is not always possible to cross reference all lamps by make or type alone. For this reason we offer you a service that can enable us to identify an equivalent lamp, or help us to design a new lamp to your specific requirements.

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