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Image Inks Downloadable Files Page.
Here we will be placing downloadable information sheets and forms which you can save on your computer for later use. These files will be in Adobe Acrobat *.pdf format. 

----Product Information and Publications-------------------------

Printing Blanket Types
Printing Blanket Notes

Blanket Application Guide

HS 23 Series Technical Manual

Serie HS 23 Manual Tecnico Espaol

HS 23 Series Mixing Guide - rev April 2007

HS 23 Series Product Information Sheet

HS 23 Series Product Specifications

HS 23 Series Light Fastness Ratings

W 29 Series Light Fastness Ratings

UV Lamp Specification Form

UV Lamp Warranty Claim Form

Cup Printing Article - Package Print & Design (May/June 01)

----Product Statements------------------------------------------------

HS 23 Series Regulatory Statement

HS 23 Series Allergenic Substances

HS 23 Series Allergen Free Statement

HS 23 Series Restricted Substances Statement

CEPA Challenge Batch 1-12 - January 25, 2010

HS 23 Series Product Safety Certification

ITX Statement - December 5, 2005

EFSA Summary re ITX - December 7, 2005

EFSA Opinion Paper re ITX - December 7, 2005

----Material Safety Data Sheets------------------------------------

Printing Inks
MSDS - HS 23 Series - All Inks

MSDS - Metallic Inks

Ink Additives

MSDS - U0025 Photoinitiator

MSDS - U0035 Slip Additive

MSDS - U0045 Reducer

MSDS - U0055 Anti Mist Paste

Cleaners / Solvents

MSDS - P832 EnviroWash Solvent

MSDS - PVC-9850 Solvent

We are just starting to build this so if you have any comments or suggestions about the topics we should include, please let us know.

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